Wrote by Nexbra, thank you.

Basic List The Bat Spirit, Earth Spirit and other monsters level 145 around Shrine of the Ancestors drops 1 EC at a time infrequently.

Trading 2 Badges of Bravery for 1 EC.

Killing Bosses in Archosaur Assult for EC, though its only 1 dropped not a pile.

15 Hearts of Blood from daily Blood Theater gives 1 EC.

10 Astral Orb from City of Abominations event gives 1 EC.

1 Scarlet Soul Jade trades for 2 EC (the trades get better the more you have) - NOTE: I DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO FIND THESE, IF SOMEONE CAN TELL ME ILL ADD IT

Mysterious Old Man gives casters 5 EC per day.

Bounty Hunter daily from the Head Hunter gives 10 EC and a Divine Order of the Void for the first quest, and a Nirvana Talisman For the first and the second.

Nirvana Talismans trade for 10 EC at Mysterious Old Man in City of the Raging Tides.

15 EC for finishing Room 60 of the Cube of Fate.

Using a Divine Order of the Void for a purple or blue quest, then trading the reward for 50 EC at Divine Emissary of the Shadow.

God's Valley (or Rebirth Delta) gives Old Epic Coins worth 5 each, usually averaging about 10-15 a run, giving you 50-75 EC.